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Our Services

We provide innovative, motivational, inclusive training and coaching that aligns organisational needs with the development needs of people and teams.

We specialise in designing flexible learning and development interventions that empower people in change, focussing on building the capabilities, thinking and behaviours needed to manage transition. 

Our team of associates are experienced in working and applying these services to a range of industries including:



Housing Associations

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Green Energy


Exec Coaching

KT coaches are highly experienced in supporting CEO’s, business leaders and mangers in working with radical change. Qualified in the use of traditional and psychologically informed coaching methods we work alongside leaders to meet their needs and goals.

Team Coaching

KT coaches have a proven track record in team coaching, helping unite team members to play to their collective strengths and build team work fast. We work with new and established teams in fast moving change environments.

Training - In a Nutshell

We are well established in providing customised learning ‘in a nutshell’, that encourages and supports accelerated learning in change. Delivered on- line, in one- hour sessions by experienced motivational facilitators, delegates are given the opportunity to explore together the application of key skills, thinking and behaviours relevant to their specific workplace and role. High impact, interactive on- line training can be used by whole teams to upskill in change as well as individuals within organisations looking for flexible learning that they can fit in with their work schedules. 

Customised Training Workshops

We work with HR professionals and leaders within organisations to deliver customised workshops that are consistently rated ‘excellent’ by delegates.  We understand how to design high impact, relevant content that accelerates learning of delegates and delivers organisational objectives. We are highly experienced in customising training workshops to support cultural change.  We look to ensure maximum value for our customers by developing on-line content that helps prepare delegates for their learning experience and ensure effective follow up after workshop delivery.  

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