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Team Coaching

KT coaches have a proven track record in team coaching, helping unite team members to play to their collective strengths and build team work fast. We work with new and established teams in fast moving change environments to:

Build team resilience

Bed in values and competencies

Better communicate

Build relationships

Manage team wellbeing

Manage and use conflict effectively

Outdoor Coaching

Outdoor team coaching tests team- work under pressure in a fun, challenging and motivational setting. Team members recognise and appreciate more about their own strengths and the strengths all team members bring.


Being challenged to work together to achieve goals using creative thinking and the whole team resource, builds capacity to find innovative solutions to problems they face in everyday work. 


We design tailored outdoor exercises and work with professional partners in this field including The Scout Association to ensure a safe environment for learning and relevance to the workplace. 


We are experienced in using team coaching in nature to:

  • Foster team resilience in change

  • Develop team capabilities in communication, adaptability, creative thinking and perseverance

  • Encourage whole team working

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