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Exec Coaching

KT coaches are highly experienced in supporting CEO’s, business leaders and mangers in working with radical change.


Qualified in the use of traditional and psychologically informed coaching methods we work alongside leaders to meet their needs and goals. Coaching areas we specialise in can include:

Where appropriate we support coaching interactions with a range of profiling tools including MBTI Step 1 and 2, behavioural and emotional intelligence profiling and 360’s. 


KT coaches are Members of the Association of Coaching and engage in ongoing development to ensure they are at the forefront of what is new in coaching. 

Coaching areas

  • Developing understanding of what is required of leadership in change

  • Building personal resilience, wellbeing and adaptability

  • Supporting the clarity of thinking needed to identify and focus on priorities

  • Developing business strategy in change

  • Developing a coaching leadership style and approach

  • Raising self- awareness of strengths that can be leveraged and supporting development of new ways of working and thinking

  • Managing relationship challenges

  • Managing challenging people

'Out of Office'

Executive coaching in nature provides an inspirational environment to think, reflect, innovate and vision.


Deeper insights and moments of clarity are often achieved as space is created for executives to step back and gain perspective. 


Walking and talking with your coach supports both mental and psychical wellbeing goals.

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